Installation and experience with a wide range of aluminum internal floating roof designs for any size aboveground storage tank.

Emission Shield™


Emission Shield™ is an aluminum internal floating roof (IFR) with an improved design to reduce product loss in aboveground storage tanks.

Emission Shield™ is engineered to significantly reduce carbon footprint over traditional steel and aluminum internal floating roofs. The new design virtually eliminates vapor space under the floating roof, significantly reducing fire danger. Emission Shield™ sets the standard for best available technology (BAT) and is fully API 650 Annex H Code compliant.

With 0% emission deck seams, vapor loss is reduced by 75% when compared to traditional skin and pontoon roofs. Emission Shield has 98% less weld length immersed in the product than competing products (4" vs. 20' per panel). This allows for more focused and rigorous NDE of the wetted (critical) area and vastly reduces the possibility of "hot panels" being created by product incursion.


Roof Installations


Atlas Tank can install aluminum Internal Floating Roofs (IFR) manufactured by any company. The correct installation of IFRs contributes to the profitability and environmental impact of your aboveground storage tank by reducing emissions and product loss.


Floating Roof Seals


Atlas Tank can advise and install primary and secondary seals based on your project’s requirements for any style of floating roof system.

Emission Shield - Floating Roof for Storage Tanks


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